Audio has leaked of an ACCESTIMATE debate between Durant and LeBron at the 2017 Finals

Kevin Durant is now 35 years old and six years removed from his showdown with LeBron James in the 2017 NBA Finals. Durant’s Warriors got the better of the Cavaliers in that series, finishing with a 9-5 career record against James in the Finals.

Recently, the Suns’ new culture has been evident in training camp workouts. Phoenix coach Frank Vogel addressed concerns about the defense ahead of the inaugural game in 2023.

Leaked audio and video from the 2017 Finals resurfaced Wednesday showing Durant and James in an argument over something KD allegedly said to then-Cavs coach Tyronn Lue.

The footage shows Durant in a heated exchange with LeBron James during the 2017 Finals series, which sparked fan reaction on X. This video takes us back to a time we miss tremendously…:

Leaked audio of LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s trash talk in the 2017 Finals

KD: “Yeah, look at that shit. He hit me in the head,” he told Tyronn Lue.

LeBron: “But why are you talking like this? Don’t ever talk like that to my coach again.”

KD: “I wasn’t talking to anyone crazy.”.

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