Wembanyama, his numbers on Instagram are impressive

Victor Wembanyama is dominating all the and headlines and the headers of websites dedicated to the world of basketball. But the Frenchman is not only having a media explosion in terms of appreciations and interviews, concretely he is also becoming a phenomenon in his own right on Instagram.

Exactly one fese ago, on September 13, 2022, the 2004 baby phenomenon had \”only\” 222K followers. Today he has an impressive 578K. Ha basically tripled its followerbase in 30 days. Really crazy numbers for a guy who hasn\’t played a single second in the NBA.

The climb toward millions of followers is only just beginning, however, it also hints at how much hype there is around Victor Wembanyama. Of course, he will have to prove that all these expectations are well-founded by playing great basketball at a level that competes with him. That way those Ks will easily turn into M\’s.

It\’s never easy to prove when you have all the pressure on you but this kid has had it on him practically since he was still in diapers. We think he doesn\’t even know what the word pressure means because of the way he plays. He does know what it\’s like to have millions of followers, though, which is millions of extra dollars in his bank account.

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