Wembanyama, his 1st triple double already makes NBA HISTORY

It took a while for the modern NBA center to make a comeback. The league has been heavily focused on guards and wings since the 2010s, and the long men often did not get much love because of the revolution brought by the three-point shot. Now they have a foothold with the likes of Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic. However, no one is doing it in the NBA like Victor Wembanyama, who shined during the Gregg Popovich-led San Antonio Spurs’ loss to Monty Williams’ Detroit Pistons.

Victor Wembanyama was efficient in just 21 minutes of NBA play. The Spurs rookie put up big numbers to close out the game as soon as possible. He made 16 points and 10 assists thanks to his crazy offensive artillery. He then cleaned the glass 12 times to seal the triple-double.. This puts him in the annals of NBA history. Gregg Popovich’s new protégé just became the youngest center in league history to record a triple-double, second StatMuse.

The best thing about this test against the Pistons was that he did not make any mistakes. Of course, he was helped by other members of the Spurs system. Seven other players on the team found holes in Monty Williams’ schemes that led them to score in double figures.

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