We have a possible date for Steph Curry’s return to the court

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is expected to miss a few weeks after recently suffering a left shoulder injury. But exactly how long is that “few weeks”?

Apparently, the timeline for Curry to recover from his latest setback is three weeks. Obviously it depends on how he responds to treatment, but ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has disclosed that he won’t be out more than four weeks anyway.

“I was told that the optimistic timeline for Steph Curry’s return is about three weeks. But rehabilitation can be different. I think the range of 3 to 4 weeks is realistic for this shoulder injury.” said Woj on NBA Countdown.

“I’m told that the optimistic timeline on a Steph Curry return is about 3 weeks. But these all heal differently and the rehab can be different. I think the 3-to-4-week range is realistic for this [shoulder] injury.”
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Steph Curry was able to avoid surgery after suffering the injury during Wednesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers. Unfortunately, he still needs time for his left shoulder to recover.

For what it’s worth, Curry himself is glad he did not need surgery. He said he was worried about having to have surgery but, fortunately, none of that will be necessary.

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