“WARNING PICKPOCKET”: viral TikToK of NBA franchises with Italian-born sound.

One of the latest Italian trends on TikTok is that of a lady warning people of possible pickpockets nearby to the shout of “ATTENTION PICKPOCKETS, ATTENTION PICKPOCKETS.”.

What is curious is that this warning video has managed to make its way around the web and now several NBA franchises have reused the audio to show stolen images of some of their best players.

The similarity of the word “attention” with “attention” in English and the use of the term “pickpocket” allowed this audio to go around the world. Here are some “attention pickpocket” videos released by the Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto Raptors, and Brooklyn Nets.


Attention 🚨#nba #clippers #laclippers #russellwestbrook #russ #brodie #labasketball #defense #pickpocket

♬ original sound – user2117519005342


PICK POCKET WARNING 🗣️❗️#NBA #Raptors #OGAnunoby

♬ original sound – user2117519005342


PICKPOCKET WARNING #mikalbridges #nets #nba

♬ original sound – user2117519005342

We don’t joke in Italy either because. Dinamo Sassari also did a TikTok about it, which you can see HERE:


ATTENTION PICKPOCKETS! Ok I did it too but in my own way #attention #trend #meme #behind-the-scenes

♬ Attention pickpocket x montagem – jovynn

In short, as you could see, everyone reinterpreted the trend in their own way but the curious aspect is that a potentially serious audio like this went viral on TikTok and they used it to talk about stolen balls and not actual muggings.

Let’s see if any other NBA teams will follow in the wake and make TikToks like this or perhaps even cuter.

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