VIDEO: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson go crazy in Capri to the notes of “Volare”

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are in Italy to enjoy their vacation and in particular right now they are in Capri, one of the most popular destinations for Americans and especially for Magic, where he comes there more or less every summer, like Liguria, his other regular stop.

Yesterday they dined at Da Paolino’s, one of the most famous restaurants on the Campania island, and enjoyed the evening with a serenade of “Nel blu, dipinto di blu,” also and especially known as “Volare.” song by Domenico Modugno and Johnny Dorelli, written by Modugno himself together with Franco Migliacci:

“Tonight we enjoyed an incredible dinner at the famous Ristorante Da Paolino, also known as the lemon restaurant in Capri, Italy! And I got to hang out with my great friend and the greatest basketball player who ever lived, Michael Jordan, and his wife Yvette, Sam and LaTanya Jackson, Judge Greg and Linda Mathis, and John and Vicki Palmer.”

Italy remains one of the most beloved destinations for Americans, especially Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, who invade our cities every year, with the Amalfi Coast, Liguria, Sicily, Sardinia and Lake Como commanding over all.

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