VIDEO: LeBron, Curry and Davis laugh and joke together…are they building Team USA 2024?

During the preseason game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors on Saturday, cameras caught LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry sharing a very funny moment together. James and Curry were all smiles as they talked and joked, and at one point Davis walked over and hugged the Dubs’ shooter before tickling him.

Although only the three know what they discussed at the time, many fans could not help but wonder what was said between the three, particularly between James and Curry. That said, both fans and critics shared their theories, teasing the situation.

One theory that has been floating around is that the three were discussing the possibility of teaming up with Team USA at the 2024 Olympics. Both James and Curry have expressed a desire to be part of the nation’s Olympic roster, along with Joel Embiid, who turned down France to commit to representing Team USA.

Let’s see if these 3 will play together in Paris in 2024. It would be sensational to see LeBron James, Steph Curry and Antthony Davis together.

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