Little Carmelo Anthony grows up: son Kiyan is a great Team USA prospect

Carmelo Anthony has put together a storied NBA career during his time in the league, but he has also achieved remarkable results on the international scene with Team USA. Anthony represented his country on several occasions, ending up winning three gold medals with America during his time playing for them at the Olympics. Now that Carmelo Anthony has retired, he can focus his attention on basketball or, more specifically, his son Kiyan.

Kiyan is a prospect who is attracting attention for reasons beyond his connection to Carmelo, which led him to play for Team USA’s youth team. Given all that Carmelo has accomplished with Team USA, he looks forward to watching his son set out to achieve his own goals.

Kiyan Anthony is only 16 years old, so he still has a lot of work to do if he wants to find his way to the NBA, but his future looks extremely bright and playing for Team USA’s junior team certainly helps, especially with advice from dad Carmelo. Kiyan is already one of the most sought-after prospects for the class of 2025 and seems to be on track to find his way to the NBA as soon as possible.

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