VIDEO: Jokic’s vacation between rafting and dangerous dives off rock walls

Nikola Jokic just won his first NBA title and his first Western Conference Finals and Finals MVP award. In short, he won everything he could win except the MVP, but they didn’t give it to him just because they didn’t want to give him 3 in a row. So what is he doing now? Is he training like crazy? Absolutely not. But not at all.
In the past few weeks we’ve seen him among horses, but Jokic’s last appearance was in a Serbian river rafting and diving off dangerous rock walls:

In truth, in recent days they were released videos of Nikola Jokic while rafting but what is new are the pictures of his diving from steep and let’s say quite dangerous walls.

By now, we are not even shocked by such news because. Nikola Jokic has accustomed us to everything. But there is never an end to Jokic’s craziness, which confirms his lack of interest in wanting to train even more and enjoy himself in his Serbia.

Let’s see what his next crazy thing will be because we know it will come anyway, it’s just a matter of waiting a few days.

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