VIDEO: CRAZY brawl between two fans in the stands of GRIZZLIES-LAKERS

Race-3 of Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies was undoubtedly a heated game.

On the parquet there was the ejection of Dillon Brooks for punching LeBron James in the privates in an attempt to retrieve the ball during the third quarter. In the stands of game 2, on the other hand, there was an altercation between a Lakers fan and a Grizzlies fan who were seated next to.

Fisticuffs and more than just shoving really flew, especially from the visiting fan, but he was not even appeased by those present, who either filmed the scene with smartphones or did not care, pretending that scene was not happening.

Only after about fifteen seconds did a Memhpis fan, seeing that the supporter boy from the home team was continuing to take them, decide to intervene by getting in the way. Incredible was the violence with which the black boy was battering the other.

Of course we do not know what triggered all this violence however we believe that nothing can justify such behavior because it took a moment for this “fistfight” to end in tragedy.

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