VIDEO: Anthony Edwards HEROIC! CLAMORIOUS STOPPING almost at the buzzer.

When the Minnesota Timberwolves were hit with the devastating news of Karl-Anthony Towns’ meniscus tear yesterday, it was clear that the team would need a boost from others to fill its void. Tonight Anthony Edwards’ Timberwolves faced the Indiana Pacers, the first game of a long road trip.

If Edwards was brilliant all night, the last 15 seconds of the game showcased his talent to an even greater degree. Indiana pulled to within one point before Minnesota’s final possession. As the Pacers looked for a steal, the Timberwolves calmly moved the ball until seven seconds left. At that point Indiana committed an unexpected foul on Edwards.

With the Wolves in the bonus, Minnesota’s best player came to the free throw line. The star guard missed the first attempt. On his second attempt, Edwards had a chance to push the lead to three. However, his second free throw doesn’t go in either. The Pacers decide not to call a timeout and quickly pass the ball to Aaron Nesmith in transition.

Nesmith pushes the ball on the counterattack and manages to get to the basket just before time runs out. Anthony Edwards is absurd at this point: he comes out of nowhere with an incredible run-up stoppage. Once again, his two-way play propelled the Wolves to another important victory.

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