Victor Wembanyama KO’d by Texas mountain cedars.

Not even Victor Wembanyama, international wonder loosely nicknamed “Alien,” is immune to the well-known allergies of South Texas.

After a 19-point, 14-rebound performance in the 117-to-101 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the generational talent met the media in front of his locker instead of at the usual postgame availability table. With his right foot in a tub of ice and wearing a hoodie, which he never wears in the press room, Wemby covered his mouth with his clothes when reporters approached him.

“I’ve been like this for about a couple of days. It usually goes away after one or two days, but I think my body is not used to this kind of strain. My immune system is also affected. But I’m fine.”, replied a congested Wembanyama..

Although no NBA team may have an answer for the kind of player Victor Wembanyama could become, French phenom seems to have met his destiny with the Mountain Cedars season.

Commonly considered one of the region’s most pronounced allergens, the number of cedars has been particularly high in recent days, coinciding with Wemby’s physical difficulties. Playing the seventh game in the past 11 days did not help the ailments.

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