LeBron James used the Knicks to put pressure on the Lakers, according to Brian Windhorst

A couple of days ago, during his first and only away game of the season at Madison Square Garden, LeBron James turned some Los Angeles Lakers fans’ noses up. In fact, after the game so many people noticed how James walked off the court with a towel on his shoulders that prominently displayed the New York Knicks logo. All this in the midst of a very hot period from the point of view of rumors, with some rumors even speculating that he was being asked to be traded near this week’s trade deadline, which was denied by Rich Paul. The Lakers are currently 26-25, ninth in the Western Conference, and experiencing yet another up-and-down season. LeBron’s discontent has been evident in more than one situation, for example, a few days ago he had tweeted theemoji of an hourglass, then refusing to give explanations in interviews.

So here’s that Knicks towel made New York fans dream, who had already tasted the possible arrival of LeBron James in 2010 free agency, when King then chose Miami. According to Brian Windhorst, it would, however, have been a provocation that James wanted to make to the Lakers themselves, to put pressure on them: either improve the team or I am willing to leave Los Angeles. LeBron’s contract is set to expire in 2025, but he could free himself as early as the summer by declining the $47.6 million Player Option. Hard to say what he will do, but LBJ has never been this close to leaving the yellow-purple.

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