Utah Jazz troll Michael Jordan by giving EXILARANT name to arena WiFi

The Utah Jazz haven’t come particularly close to fighting for an NBA championship since Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dropped them in the two consecutive NBA Finals in 1997 and 1998.

The last game of those two series featured arguably the most iconic play of Jordan’s career, in which the now Hall-of-Famer created space for himself against Jazz defender Bryon Russell and put up a shot from mid-range that put the Bulls ahead.

The Bulls would win the game and the championship, the sixth of Jordan’s career, when Utah failed to convert a desperation three-point attempt on the next possession.

Apparently, 25 years later, the Utah Jazz have not learned to forget the past and what Michael Jordan did to them. They recently discovered that the WiFi network at their arena, the Delta Center, is called the “JordanPushedOff.”.

Whether or not Michael Jordan pushed Bryon Russell is one of the most famous debates, or infamous depending on who you ask, in all of NBA history. It probably makes sense to think that if Russell had been on offense and Jordan on defense, he would have been whistled for an offensive foul.

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