Toronto, there’s a new idol in town: Bo Cruz

Just like the rest of the NBA world, Scottie Barnes couldn’t contain his excitement about “Bo Cruz” after Juancho Hernangomez joined the Toronto Raptors.

Hernangomez will reportedly sign a one-year contract with the Raptors. And after seeing the good news, the 2021-22 Rookie of the Year took to his Instagram stories to welcome his new teammate. Barnes was clearly excited about the addition as he expressed his excitement to play alongside the movie star.

Who can blame Scottie Barnes for this? Many people would probably want to stand by Juancho Hernangomez after his incredible performance in the Netflix movie “Hustle” with Adam Sandler. Perhaps only Kermit Wilts, a.k.a. Anthony Edwards, is the only one who would not have wanted to collaborate with him!

With the Spanish national joining the Toronto Raptors, however, let’s hope Barnes and Hernangomez recreate that scene in which Kermit Wilts trash-talked Bo Cruz. Certainly Hustle has also helped Juancho’s career, which seemed destined to end up in the backwaters of the NBA/back in Europe. However at the marketing level he now moves the Spaniard formerly of the Utah Jazz.

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