Dembélé makes double at Juve and exults with Curry’s Night Night

Ousmane Dembélé, FC Barcelona’s outside forward, scored a double tonight in the American friendly played at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas against Juventus. And what does this have to do with basketball? The jubilation. In fact, Dembélé, who just renewed his contract with the Blaugrana, exulted in both circumstances by doing Steph Curry’s Night Night celebration.

Below is the collage made by the Spaniards themselves:

The Golden State Warriors phenom’s celebration became famous during the NBA Finals, where they beat the Boston Celtics 4 to 2. Curry started doing it during a match and immediately went viral around the world thanks to social media.

Of course, this particular jubilation did not go unnoticed even in the eyes of Steph Curry, who caught the post and commented thus:

So many players who are fans of basketball-and especially the NBA-have started celebrating their own scoring in this way. Of course, this was also a strategic marketing move on Dembélé’s part because the Curry-like celebration was done in America, especially in Dallas, a city that thrives on sports and basketball, especially. This naturally increased the visibility of the match and of the Frenchman.

In the end, the friendly ended in a draw, Dembélé’s double being answered by Juventus’ Moise Kean, who is also a big fan of the NBA and American culture in general.


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