Tim Duncan has already taken Victor Wembanyama under his wing

Victor Wembanyama will be the first overall choice of the San Antonio Spurs in next June’s draft. We have known this since the number one pick went to the Texans for the first time since 1997, when they selected Tim Duncan. Wembanyama is the new hope for San Antonio, which has not made the Playoffs since 2016 and has ended up in a long and so far unsatisfactory rebuilding. The French boy could be the spark to revive the Spurs, one of the winningest franchises in NBA history thanks precisely to Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker between the late 1990s and 2013.

Duncan was an assistant to Gregg Popovich in the 2019-20 season: one have was enough for the Spurs legend to realize that the bench was not for him. However, Timmy D decided to take Wembanyama under his wing and mentor him. According to Marc Stein, Duncan will often be in the Spurs’ gym during the upcoming season specifically to train with Wembanyama, described by all as a generational talent and recently named MVP of the French league (and not only MVP).

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