“The 2017 Golden State Warriors would rip apart the 1998 Bulls and Jazz.”

In the past few days, the long-distance controversy between Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Curry has sparked discussion. The reason for the contention was a hypothetical comparison between the Los Angeles Lakers from 2001 and i Golden State Warriors from 2017.

Both players support their team’s superiority and just now also Draymond Green launched into such a comparison in support of his team. Green, while watching a replay of the 1998 NBA Finals, commented on the challenge between Chicago Bulls e Utah Jazz, arguing the clear superiority of Golden State’s version with Kevin Durant against both teams.

It must be admitted that our 2017 team would have given at least 10 points to the Bulls and 40 to the Jazz if they had played like that. And that explains why it doesn’t make sense to compare different eras, there have been too many changes in the way we play. This game (Game 6 of the 1998 Finals, ed.) was played mostly on free throws and with occasional action outside the arc. Learn to appreciate things for what they are, analyze the games and stop the unnecessary controversy.

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