NBA rings auctioned off to help Ukraine

Former player Stanislav Medvedenko decided to put auction HIS nba champion rings to help his country, theUkraine.

The war has disrupted the lives of Medvedenko and all Ukrainians. The former player, an NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001 and 2002, is spending himself to help his country. That is why he has decided to auction off his two rings and will use the amount raised (estimated between $100 and $200,000) to rebuild the gyms destroyed by the Russians. Through its Fly High Foundtaion foundation.

Since the outbreak of the conflict Medvedenko has taken to the streets to help the army to repel the advance of Putin’s troops, operating in Kiev. The former player told how his life changed after the conflict began.

The Russians have destroyed more than a hundred schools, winter will start soon, and the kids need to play indoors, in those gyms that are now gone. I was on a rooftop and saw a whole neighborhood destroyed, so I said to myself, “What are those two rings in the safe for? I might die tomorrow, I might as well sell them and help my country. I’m not a soldier, I’m not good with rifles, but our army is doing an incredible job defending the capital. I help out at neighborhood checkpoints to help secure the streets. Our daily routine is war, missiles and sirens, now when the alarms go off the kids don’t even stop playing anymore. My family was gone but the boys (ages 11 and 16, ed.) always asked me to come back and we got together.

Medvedenko explained that the Lakers also sent help: “Uniforms, balls, and other materials. For me they remain a family, I still hear from Mark Madsen and Luke Walton.”

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