“That was incredibly stupid!” an NBA executive’s thoughts on Morant

Ja Morant simply does not learn, with his latest gun incident in an IG live broadcast prompting NBA fans to criticize him once again. Now, more punishment may be on the way after the Memphis Grizzlies have already suspended him from all team activities pending an investigation by the NBA.

For those who missed it, Morant made headlines Sunday morning after an IG Live video made the rounds on social media. In the said clip, Morant sings with a friend while listening to NBA YoungBoy’s new album. However, it surprised everyone when the Grizzlies youngster showed off a gun, if only for a brief second.

This is not the first time Morant has performed such an irresponsible act. As Grizzlies fans know, he did the same thing toward the end of the season when he brandished a gun during an IG Live at a Denver nightclub. He was suspended for his actions, eventually undergoing a counseling program in Florida before he could return. Of course, this time the backlash is more intense considering that he is a repeat offender. A rival NBA executive did not even hold back when discussing Morant’s actions.

“This was incredibly stupid.” said the anonymous NBA executive, via Sports Illustrated.

Morant has yet to break his silence on the issue, but it will surely be difficult for him to win fans’ sympathy after his latest actions.


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