Steve Nash made his debut with Como at The Soccer Tournament

Yesterday came the debut of Steve Nash in the midfield of the Como 1907, in the Lombardy team’s first game at The Soccer Tournament in the United States. The former NBA star, who is now 49 years old, plowed the grass in the match against the Wrexham Red Dragons, which Como lost 3-2, however, despite an early 2-0 lead.

To open the scoring was young Marco Tremolada on a splendid assist from Patrick Cutrone: the class of 2004 then also signed the double by skipping the goalkeeper.

However, the rules of this 7vs7 tournament are very peculiar and very American: at the end of two halves of 20′ each, the Target Score Time. This means that basically the stopwatch is eliminated and the team that first reaches the number of goals of the team ahead at that time, plus one, wins. To make it simple: Como was ahead 2-0, so in Target Score Time the first team to reach 3 goals won. To Como’s misfortune, it was the Red Dragons who with an incredible comeback overturned the result. Como fared better in the second game (which Nash did not play): a 6-3 victory over Say Word FC.

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What about Steve Nash? As mentioned, the Canadian made his debut in the first match, immediately showing some class in passing, despite having been a basketball player in life. Also in the stands to watch the match was Chris Paul, among the organizers of the tournament that puts up $1 million for the winning team.

As stated by himself on Como channels, this will be Nash’s only game in The Soccer Tournament..

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