Steve Kerr talks about Jordan Poole: \”We hope he renews with us.\”

We can safely say that Steve Kerr wanted Jordan Poole to be a cornerstone of the Golden State Warriors of the future before Draymond Green decided to punch him.

The fourth-year guard\’s consistently impressive response to the ongoing controversy, however, undoubtedly makes Poole even more valuable to the Warriors\’ present and future as his representatives continue to negotiate a possible contract extension with team management.

After watching Poole score 25 points and dishing out six assists in his team\’s 124 to 121 preseason loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr discussed why he \”hopes\” Poole will reach an agreement with the front office before the Oct. 17 deadline.

\”One of the things our staff always feels is that our job is to help these guys become the best players they can be. We want them to do well financially and take care of their families. It\’s all part of this job, putting these kids in a great position to succeed on and off the field. So I think we\’re all excited for Jordan, for the position he\’s in. We\’ll see if we can do something or not, but I\’m excited for him. You always root for the guys who work hard and he\’s put as much time into it in the last few years as anybody. It\’s really exciting for him and it\’s exciting for us and hopefully something will get done.\”

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