Stephen Curry ejected because of … Jordan Poole who then makes Golden State win

Very eventful endgame between Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA overnight.

With 1’14” to go, with his team ahead by 2, Stephen Curry Is expelled. The motivation? The launching of his mouth guard, an act that in the NBA results in immediate ejection. The curiosity, however, is that Curry was not angry at a referee or an opponent but at one of his teammates. It is about Jordan Poole, guilty of ignoring him on an important possession. In the ensuing defensive transition Curry hurled his mouth guard and received the ejection.

The further peculiarity of the affair lies in the fact that Poole himself made up for it with the victory basket, setting the final 122-120 with 1″ to go to the final buzzer.

All’s well that ends well with the two of them laughing about the incident in the postgame celebration of success. Returning to the locker room, in fact, Poole jokingly tossed his mouth guard as soon as he saw Curry.

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