Draymond Green, first words after punching Jordan Poole

For the first time since Wednesday\’s events, Draymond Green appeared before reporters and, first, he obviously talked about his punch Jordan Poole. The star of the Golden State Warriors said he apologized to the entire team and to Poole in particular.

These are Green\’s words:

I was wrong, that\’s why I apologized to the whole team and apologized to Jordan. I feel embarrassment watching the video again, not only for myself. I imagine the embarrassment that Jordan is also feeling, and his family. Now the challenge for me will be to earn the trust of the locker room again, to repeat and defend the title. Although this is the least of my worries right now, it has to remain what we stay focused on.

When things are happening to you off the field, they don\’t go away as soon as you start playing. As the leader of this team, I have to have a better attitude. I am a very imperfect human being. I have failed as a leader, I have failed as a man.

Sui leak that came out about the words that allegedly aroused his ire, namely an alleged provocation by Poole about contract renewal, Green instead denied everything:

I can assure you that I don\’t put my money where my mouth is, and that will never change. The way I was raised, you don\’t hate someone for their situation.

Draymond Green also announced that. will be away from the team for a few days, for \”give the team breathing space and work on himself.\”. He did not specify when he will be away.

Draymond Green said the looming contract situation \”had nothing\” to do with the punch of Jordan Poole pic.twitter.com/TOWkhHLKNQ

– Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) October 8, 2022

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