Warriors, mole hunt: how much did the person who leaked the video of Draymond Green\’s punch pocket?

At home Golden State Warriors Tensions run high after the fist by Draymond Green a Jordan Poole During a training session.

What precipitated things was the release of the video of the incident, published by TMZ Sports.

The franchise\’s leadership is infuriated by the release of these images and has launched an internal investigation to trace the mole who leaked it. According to ESPN internal investigations are proceeding apace because team leadership considers it a priority to identify who betrayed everyone\’s trust by passing that video to the press. According to the U.S. broadcaster, the mole may have cashed in well 100,000 dollars for his \”services.\”

Another cause of the \”gate,\” however, could be actual internal sabotage against Draymond Green. His unwieldy figure would not be so beloved and someone may have released the video with the intent to discredit him and make the renewal of his contract much more difficult.

In any case, the leak was condemned by many quarters, including many players or insiders.

He\’s gonna have to see me every time after this sucker punch. Damn. That ain\’t it! And whoever leaked this should be fired too https://t.co/UCwNorEEya

– Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) October 7, 2022

Id fire my ENTIRE VIDEO STAFF pic.twitter.com/4D9ucA0BEU

– Richard Jefferson (@Rjeff24) October 7, 2022

Someone\’s definitely getting fired for that video leaking

– De\’Aaron Fox (@swipathefox) October 7, 2022

How in DA HELL was that @Money23Green Jordan Poole video leaked? That\’s an in-house video, man there better be some heads rolling…. Y\’all are the World Champs and have an inside snitch?!?!? #SoNotCool

– Reggie Miller (@ReggieMillerTNT) October 7, 2022

Fire whoever leaked that video. Got a whole bunch of mofos who can\’t be trusted. Everybody wrong. As soon as Dray start walking somebody supposed to get in front of him..looks like the video guys and support staff got more heart than some of then chumps on the sideline

– David West (@D_West30) October 7, 2022


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