Split locker room, poor results: what will the Chicago Bulls do?

Rumors of major tensions between the Zach LaVine and several members of the Chicago Bulls.

The former Minnesota man allegedly had arguments with several teammates with the breaking point coming just against the Timberwolves. After the game in which Chicago conceded 15o points rags allegedly flew in the locker room, with a very harsh confrontation between LaVine and teammates, particularly DeMar DeRozan. Discussions continued even in the following days and fueled by the already tense climate for the results that are struggling to arrive. LaVine was also reportedly at loggerheads with management, accused of failing to assemble a team up to the task.

The person directly involved has tried to throw water on the fire with a few off-the-cuff statements that, however, hint at discontent.

In every team there are ups and downs, when you win everything is good while now things look worse than before and so many are unhappy. When you lose and try to do the same things over and over again it becomes hell. Everyone can think the way they want, I work on myself with humility and try to help the team.

That something is wrong is also clear from the words of Goran Dragic after the knockout loss to the T’Wolves.

We don’t play for each other. Easy to talk about sacrificing by asking someone else, then when you have to do it yourself things change. We’re all in the same boat here, we have to trust teammates, help each other, carry blocks, give up a shot so someone else can take a better one. Without these things we lack you can lose to anyone.

And then DeRozan himself.

Embarrassing to concede so many points to Minnesota, which, with all due respect, is not the Golden State of 2016. This happens when you’re not focused, you’re not playing as a team, and you’re not serving the group.

In short, a climate that is anything but serene in Chicago, and already market rumors are beginning to chase each other. Will management want to dismantle the group and focus on the future? The Bulls currently have the seventh worst record in the league and may keep their pick at the next Draft only if it will be in the top four, otherwise they will have to give it up to the Orlando Magic. The tanking Hoping to receive good news from the Lottery could this be a viable avenue? In the meantime, many teams are winking at the most valuable pieces of the roster, starting with LaVine, who, however, will not be able to change jerseys until January 15, after the renewal signed a few months ago. Scenarios that seemed unimaginable on the eve of the season.

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