Simone Fontecchio ready for second year in NBA: “Utah, give me confidence and you won’t regret it”

On the eve of the start of the NBA season, Simone Fontecchio gave an interview to The Gazzetta dello Sport.

Blue will start between Wednesday and Thursday by taking on the Sacramento Kings. These are his expectations ahead of the new year with the Utah Jazz.

The goal is to grow in the way of being on the field physically and mentally. I have understood the mechanisms and dynamics of this world, this will help me in the second season, I think I am more mature and able to face difficult moments with more serenity. I would like to have more continuity in shooting and receive more trust from the team. I think I’ve made big strides with the experience of the first year, I’m among the seniors on the roster so I also try to help the youngsters, to be a vocal leader.

Fontecchio then commented on the most special moments of the past season and began to cast a glance into the future.

In this league there are at least 30 or so extraterrestrials with incredible talent. I was impressed with the organization, everything is designed to facilitate the players and make them live in comfort, we adapt quickly. The two-week trips are less enjoyable because you are away from family but for me it was all new and it was fun. I want to play all my cards and take stock at the end of the season, I would like to have a long career in the NBA and right in Utah but it is not only up to me.

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