Shaquille O’Neal: “In today’s NBA, I’d put up 60 a game!”

Shaquille O’Neal has always been a peculiar character on and off the court, and if there is one quality he has never lacked, it is extreme confidence in his own means: winner of four NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers (3) and Miami Heat (1) jerseys, he was for years an uncontestable force for his bulk and technical ability, which in his first never found anyone who could hold a candle to it.

Now an analyst for TNT, Shaquille O’Neal is famous for his unabashed opinions, and a recent statement is no different: “If I played in today’s NBA I would be averaging 60 points a game Against these players, easily, I’m too soft. Trust me, I would put up 60 every contest. E They would have had to pay me $300 million a year, tax free!”.

Shaquille O’Neal played in the NBA for 20 seasons, from 1992 to 2011, wearing the jerseys of the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers, holding averages of 23.7 points, 10.9 rebounds and 2.3 stoppages per game, widely considered one of the most dominant centers in league history.

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