NBA forced LaMelo Ball to cover one of his tattoos

A few months ago LaMelo Ball had shown the world a very unusual new tattoo on his neck. Two letters in red, LF, which stand for LaFrance: that is, his middle name (yes, his name is LaMelo LaFrance Ball), which has since also become her clothing line.

The LaFrance brand, founded in 2020, sells various types of clothing: from T-shirts to shorts to shoes. But the NBA has as its own rule the ban on tattooing brand logos, because they could serve as “hidden” and unauthorized sponsorships. This had been the case with JR Smith, who a few years ago tattooed the Supreme logo on his calf and was subsequently forced to cover it up, under penalty of a fine every game played. And it is now also the case of LaMelo, who in just the last few games, including tonight against Milwaukee, has shown up on the court with a conspicuous sticker on his neck, intended to cover the tattoo.

“The tattoo on LaMelo Ball’s neck is a clear violation of the rules and, therefore, he was required to cover it up.” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.

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