Rudy Gobert predicted Draymond Green’s expulsion.

Rudy Gobert e Draymond Green don’t like each other too much, over the years they have never missed an opportunity to poke each other and last night on the court even to give each other a hard time. Less than 2′ into the game between Golden State Warriors e Minnesota Timberwolves, Green took advantage of a fight that broke out between Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels to jump into the fray and grab the Frenchman by the neck, from behind.

Green was eventually ejected, as were Thompson and McDaniels, and the Warriors lost their fourth game in a row. Also weighing in was theabsence of Steph Curry, struggling with a minor right knee sprain. Precisely because of the absence of the Golden State star, Gobert said in the postgame that he predicted Green would get ejected. The Frenchman took the opportunity to take a swipe at his opponent: “Whenever Steph doesn’t play, Green doesn’t want to play without him so he does everything he can to get himself ejected.”. Gobert said he expected some crazy behavior from Draymond for this very reason, although he may not have anticipated it coming so soon, when the teams were still at 0-0. The Timberwolves long player also called Green’s behavior “clown behavior.”, “clown behavior”.

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