RISE between Warriors and Hornets: Quinones calls Grant Williams an ‘asshole’

The unwritten rules of basketball struck again, this time during Friday night’s clash of the Golden State Warriors against the resurgent Charlotte Hornets. With about 12 seconds left on the clock (and 10 on the shot clock), the Warriors didn’t exactly need to shoot for the basket, especially when the game was won by a score of 95 to 84. Lester Quinones, author of the new standard contract with the Warriors, had other ideas. Quinones yelled for the pass along the baseline and scored a layup for the Warriors, scoring two points after Miles Bridges tried to block late but then a brawl with Grant Williams of the Hornets started.

An altercation ensued between the Warriors and Hornets, with newly acquired Grant Williams objecting to what he believes was a decision by Quinones to increase the score. The Warriors’ young guard, however, was having none of the exuberant wing’s business, calling Williams a “dick” for reacting the way he did to the basket that increased the Dubs’ lead to 13 points.

Grant Williams, throughout his career, has been something of a doer, so any kind of disrespect does not take it lightly. The Hornets wing is simply fulfilling his role as the team’s leader, but it is not hard to see why Lester Quinones is not a big fan of his.

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