Rich Paul accuses white athletes, “They don’t trust black agents!”

Rich Paul has been in the athlete representation business for a long time. Klutch Sports has grown and can now participate in generational deals ranging from the NBA to the NFL.

They have superstars such as LeBron James, DeAndre Hopkins, Trae Young, Anthony Davis, and Jalen Hurts on board, as well as other names that are making money hand over fist. But these do not come without having to fight and prove themselves. Obstacles will always come, but the CEO noticed a systemic problem while he was working. He outlined it in his latest interview, via SiriusXM’s Clay Cane Show.

When asked how much truth there is behind the rumor that white athletes do not trust agents of color, Rich Paul was quick to respond.

“That’s exactly right.”, said the head of Klutch Sports.

He had to clarify that these were only white athletes residing in the United States. Paul cited states such as Indiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

The CEO then revealed how Americans view them differently in the industry than their overseas counterparts: “Now, this is not necessarily always the case because international players actually have a different view.”.

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