Popovich on Wembanyama: “We just got married.”

The San Antonio Spurs may be the worst team in the Western Conference in terms of record, but they are a team to watch thanks to the presence of phenom Victor Wembanyama. The first overall pick has so far lived up to his hype this season. His dazzling talents and highlights plays have thrilled fans, players and media alike. More than halfway through the season, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was asked about his relationship with the rookie star and, as ClutchPoints’ Michael Corvo put it, joked about being married to Wembanyama.

“We just got married. It’s going to take a while, we’re still in touch.”, joked Gregg Popovich about Wembanyama. “For me it has always been like this: if someone has a sense of humor, it will be easy to have a relationship. If someone is not defensive, if someone has already overcome himself, it will be much easier to have a relationship. So far it has been like that, so I am having a lot of fun. I hope he has fun with me.”.

The Spurs are currently 11-45. They are in line to get another lottery pick to match Wembanyama.

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