Phoenix surprised by San Antonio, coach Vogel and Bradley Beal’s FURIA.

I Phoenix Suns surprisingly lost 102-104 to the San Antonio Spurs, despite the fact that the Texans were without Victor Wembanyama.

A defeat that sent the Texans into a rage. Frank Vogel. The coach chastised his people in a press conference.

For a team like ours it is unacceptable to lose a game like this. Before the game we told ourselves the right things and prepared properly, but then we did not put the necessary concentration on the court. If you let a team like San Antonio gain confidence you risk gross, that’s how the NBA works. Wembanyama was not there and the others took advantage to show off.

The loss could complicate the path to the postseason for the Suns, who will have a decidedly challenging schedule between now and the end of the regular season.

Also Bradley Beal joined his coach’s thoughts with words quite colorful.

We are very disappointed, we flopped. We thought it would be easy without Wembanyama and instead they kicked our c***. They came in aggressively as the coach had asked of us who instead failed to respond to their kicking.

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