Tony Snell’s desperate plea to return to the NBA

Tony Snell has launched an appeal to return to the NBA.

The motivation is not basketball-related but much deeper. Snell, in fact, needs to return to play in the NBA in order to give his children (3-year-old Karter and 2-year-old Kenzo) at the care they need. The two children, in fact, suffer from a autism spectrum disorder, which his father also confessed to suffering from a few months ago.

Snell landed in the NBA in 2012 with the Chicago Bulls, then played with Bucks, Pistons, Hawks, Blazers and finally Pelicans. At the end of last season he became a free agent and only snagged a G-League deal, with the Maine Celtics, a team where he still plays.

The reason for his request is not so much financial or prestige, but due to the “retirement” dedicated to NBA players. Those who have played for ten years in the league, in fact, accrues the right to lifetime health insurance for himself and his first-degree relatives. So Snell would need at least one last waltz to secure his children for years to come. For this season, however, the chances are slim to none. Snell is expected to sign in the next few hours in order to consider the year valid for retirement purposes. We’ll see if he can find a last-minute deal or if someone decides to bet on him in the NBA next year.

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