Oscar Wembanyama, the “little one” of the house is already 2 meters tall!

Victor Wembanyama is having his first season in a San Antonio Spurs jersey and, besides being the biggest favorite for Rookie of the Year, he is also one of the most plausible candidates to win the Best Defensive Player of the Year award, given his huge impact as a rim protector: the Texans have the NBA’s third-to-last record (13-49), better only than the hapless Wizards (9-53) and Pistons (9-52) but Wembanyama is holding the incredible averages of 20.7 points (46.9 percent from the field), 10.3 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 1.3 steals and 3.4 steals per game, especially with the last figure leading the league by a wide margin over the second (Kessler at 2.7).

In Wembanyama’s house, in addition to Victor, another “little” talent is growing up, which could also be generational: he is Oscar Wembanyama, class of 2007, currently on the LDLC ASVEL Under-21 team, who may not yet have developed the same basketball skills as his older brother, but physically he is already arrived at a height of 200cm, and appears to have the same movements as Victor.

The 16-year-old Oscar will be on the 2026 Draft roster, it’s definitely too early now, but the curiosity to see him in big-time basketball is high!

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