Stephen Curry may run for president of the United States

Many players NBA became interested in social and political issues following the path set by the great Bill Russell.

Among contemporaries, Stephen Curry is one of the most active in terms of fighting for rights and equality. That is why many speculate about his future in politics and the person directly involved confirmed, even going so far as to speculate on a candidacy for president of the United States.

Curry, during an interview with the CBS, taken from Sky Sports, he pointed out that he does not see politics as an immediate project, as he still considers the time for retirement to be a long way off. In his future, however, there may be room for such a commitment, as he explained.

Curry for president? Possible… I want to try to exert my influence in any way I can to do good for others. If politics were the right way to change things, I would not rule out my own descent into the field.

Journalist Jericka Duncan then pressed him: “In 2028?”. At that point Curry replied, “Not so soon.”. A sentence, however, that suggests that in the future plans of the Golden State star there may be, precisely, a candidacy for the White House.

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