Not only Irving, Brooklyn had plenty of no-vax players but then…

Kyrie Irving’s 2021-22 season could be summed up in a few words, “COVID vaccine.” The Brooklyn Nets star got a lot of attention last year for his adamant refusal to get his various doses. Because of the city’s COVID restrictions at the time, Irving was forced to miss all of the Nets’ home games. As you can imagine, this certainly put a damper on the team’s title chances.

At the time, Kyrie was believed to be the only one opposed to vaccination. Apparently, however, that was not quite the case. A recent New York Post article by Josh Kosman and Brian Lewis revealed that. there were other Brooklyn Nets players, besides Irving, who had reservations about the vaccine. However, Kyrie Irving was the only one who completely refrained from faselo.

“Tsai said you had to be vaccinated or you couldn’t play. Some Nets players didn’t want to get vaccinated. They all decided to vaccinate except Kyrie.”

This article will probably spark some friction among Nets fans. Clearly, Kyrie was not the only one who did not want to vaccinate. Many players had their reservations about the vaccine, whatever it might be. Nevertheless, most of them decided it was not worth the risk of having their salaries cut. Irving, on the other hand, had no serious financial concerns.

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