Nurkic SHOCKS against Draymond Green: “He learned nothing from suspension”

Draymond Green is not the most popular role model in the league, especially according to Jusuf Nurkic. The Golden State Warriors wing has been suspended by Adam Silver twice this season. Jusuf Nurkic, one of the two hitters, had to deal with him once again. As the Phoenix Suns faced the intensity of the Bay Area team, tensions between the two players rose once again.

The Suns lost, but Jusuf Nurkic was not done with Draymond Green. He pointed out how Adam Silver might give the Warriors’ provocateur another punishment, since it won’t be long before he hits someone again, according to Duane Rankin of AZ Central.

“He is sad. He hasn’t learned anything. It’s just a matter of time. He will hit someone else again. I take back everything I said. He doesn’t deserve a chance. Buffooning. He tries to hit people and things he shouldn’t do.”, the Suns big man boldly declared.

Nurkic and Green got in each other’s way again. The Suns player was about to make a post up against the Warriors’ wing. At that point a foul was whistled on Green. Afterwards, the two yelled and exchanged words. The last time this happened, Green waved his arms in Nurkic’s face, causing a suspension. Fortunately, Klay Thompson broke up the brawl before it turned into a confrontation.

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