Novak Djokovic, honeyed words for Nikola Jokic: “He rewrote history!”

Novak Djokovic is probably the best Serbian sportsman ever as well as one of the best tennis players in history. For years he has been the symbol of Serbia in sports, although in recent years he has also carved out an important place for himself in this ranking. Nikola Jokic. Among other things, like so many Balkans, Djokovic is a big basketball fan and is often immortalized in the stands watching Red Star or Partizan Belgrade’s home games.

Interviewed by The Denver Post, Djokovic officially crowned Jokic, calling him a “legend.” and emphasizing what he has done in recent years for European basketball in general.

“What he has done not only for Serbian basketball but for European basketball in general is incredible. He has rewritten the history books in the last three years and is continuing to do so. He is in his prime, he is the best and I am too proud of him. I am a big fan of him, of everything he does. We have not had so many athletes like him in the history of Serbia, he is up there with the best and he is not finished yet.” Djokovic stated.

Then the tennis star added: “We have always followed each other’s careers and admired each other. I think the more time passes, the more we esteem each other. But even privately, we are really a good duo. He is as family-oriented as I am, his roots, his country, his city. And it’s very important to never forget where you come from. He has reached the peak of one of the most important sports in the world and is one of the most recognized athletes. It is great that he is Serbian!.

“I never got an invitation to one of his horse races, you know? I hope to get one. But it’s something only for a very lucky few.” Djokovic finally joked. Who knows, in the coming months, perhaps in the summer, Jokic may actually invite Djokovic to one of the races he attends, as he did with Aaron Gordon last summer.

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