Not everyone celebrates LeBron James

Attestations of esteem from all quarters for LeBron James. Teammates, opponents, the NBA itself, and even Google shared LBJ’s joy at becoming the all-time leading scorer.

However, there are also a few voices outside the chorus. First and foremost is that of Enes Kanter Freedom who strongly criticized the off-court stances of LeBron James, whom the Turk has long accused of not fighting hard enough for human rights.

“38888 points, 0 morals, 0 values, 0 principles, 0 empathy, 1 bow to China. Congratulations to LeBron James,” wrote the activist, currently a free agent.

Also curious is the reaction of Anthony Davis, or rather it would be more accurate to say the “non-reaction” of Anthony Davis. As LeBron was about to score the overtaking basket, AD returned to the bench (presumably he had gone to the locker room) and sat down while the rest of the arena stood, including other teammates, waiting for history to be made.

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