No more Jordan. Utah Jazz forced to pull merch from store

In the past few hours, photos had been circulating on X, the fu Twitter, of some products for sale in the official store of the Utah Jazz. Since Nike is a technical sponsor of the NBA, it is easy for many items to be produced by the very Swoosh or by Jordan Brand, which is basically his own cluster and for the past couple of years has been putting its logo on the uniforms of all 30 teams. One shirt in particular displayed the inscription “Utah Jazz” under the famous Jordan logo.

According to The Salt Lake City Tribune. the Jazz would retire that jersey bearing Jordan’s logo after complaints from fans. Indeed, Michael Jordan does not have an easy relationship with Utah because of the great rivalry in the 1990s. MJ’s Bulls won two titles in the finals against the Jazz, the last in 1998 with the famous shot at the end of the period that has become iconic. Understandable then that seeing Jordan Brand’s logo evokes bad memories in them.

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