No double digits for Gallinari and Fontecchio… but Simo can smile anyway!

Tonight. both Danilo Gallinari and Simone Fontecchio played. with the Washington Wizards and Utah Jazz, at home against the Charlotte Hornets and in Memphis against the Grizzlies, respectively.

Fontecchio played a dozen minutes and scored six points in the Salt Lake City franchise’s 127 to 121 win. The Rooster instead played more, about 18 minutes, but even he couldn’t touch double digits because he he stopped at 9. Unfortunately, however, the Capitoline lineup surrendered 124 to 117 against baskets by LaMelo Ball, Gordon Hayward and Mark Williams, who captured the absurd figure of 24 rebounds.

All in all, these were two good performances for Fontecchio and Gallinari, too bad, however, that only one of the two was able to gain success, while the other came off the floor empty-handed.

However, we are very happy to see two players from our country chand slowly are beginning to enter the rotations of their respective teams. Let’s hope that this moment lasts as long as possible and that both of our guys are able to impose themselves more and more in Washington and Salt Lake City.

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