NBA Summer League, a night to forget for us Italians

Tonight two Italians were supposed to play in NBA Summer League: Paolo Banchero and Alessandro Pajola. The former did not wear the Orlando Magic’s jersey because, minutes before entering the court, he was told that his Summer League was over here. The latter, on the other hand, finished with only 3 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 2 steals in almost 19 minutes of usage in the Dallas Mavericks’ 82-83 loss to the Utah Jazz.

In short, we went to sleep with the idea that we would wake up with highlights of Pajola and Banchero, but instead we were left high and dry for different reasons. We think it is really a shame not to see more of the former Duke man in action however we also understand the fear of possible injuries that the Orlando Magic would like to avoid.

Pajola will be back on the court with Dallas against Phoenix tomorrow night. The Virtus Bologna point guard’s goal is to redeem himself by improving his numbers and getting a win. It will not be easy because the competition is fierce but we are sure he will give it his all to impress the NBA scouts there.

Basically the Italians left in the NBA Summer League are the aforementioned Pajola and then also Matteo Spagnolo, some will play Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Italian time against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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