How did Ja Morant take ESPN’s gaffe about his fake statement?

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant couldn’t help but laugh at ESPN after the network aired a fake quote about Michael Jordan that a Twitter comedy account said was his.

On Monday, ESPN mistakenly attributed a quote from the Twitter account, Ballsack Sports, to Morant. In the now-viral video of the moment, Jacoby and his co-hosts thought Morant had really said MJ would be “just another superstar” in today’s NBA.

While Ja said he would have “cooked” His Airness if he could have faced him one-on-one during that era, the young Grizzlies never said the quote that ESPN showed.

After seeing the error, Ja Morant took to Twitter to react and said “these people are crazy.” referring to ESPN. In a follow-up tweet, the 22-year-old mocked ESPN for falling victim to a troll Twitter account called “Ballsack Sports.” Seriously, how can anyone not perceive that this is a profile that parodies/satire?

This is really an incredible mistake that you don’t think could happen to an authoritative network like ESN. Of course we are up for making a mistake but here we have really gone beyond acceptable in our view.

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