NBA espionage case: Knicks ask Raptors for HUGE compensation

Some time ago a sinister affair had come to light, a case of espionage between NBA franchises, particularly between New York Knicks e Toronto Raptors. The main accused, but not the only one, is Ikechukwu Azotam, a former Knicks employee who switched in recent months to the Raptors. The man allegedly handed over to his new team a large number of secret files, including statistics, game plans and other confidential data.

In August, New York had filed a lawsuit against Toronto for compensation; the Big Apple franchise’s claim, reads ESPN, would be as high as more than $10 million. In court, the Knicks also attacked the commissioner’s Adam Silver, arguing that he should not be put in a position to make decisions about the affair because of his connection to Larry Tanenbaum, owner of the Raptors.

Tanenbaum is also chairman of the NBA Board of Governors, or assembly of owners: according to the Knicks, the man “is Silver’s boss, exercising control over him and influencing him because of his future employment and salary.”.

Among the defendants in this lawsuit are. Darko Rajaković, current Raptors coach, Noah Lewis, a member of his staff, and 10 other Toronto employees who remained anonymous.

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