Doncic is in his best shape ever, and you can be too with “Body by Luka”

The NBA is a league that the whole world admires not only for the champions who take the court, but also for the fun and sometimes ingenious marketing or entertainment gimmicks for fans. In this i Dallas Mavericks are among the top of the class, and in their last game against Sacramento they showed again why. For years now, the state of Luka Doncic is a topic of discussion, with the Slovenian never really physically performing and since his rookie year has let up a bit. Despite summer workouts, however, Doncic’s current form does not look much different than in years past.

In video projected on the jumbotron during a timeout, however, Doncic claims to be “in the best shape of his life.”, while a gymnasium is seen as the background. “And you can be too, thanks to Body by Luka!” continues the Mavs star. It is the intro to a hilarious video in which Dallas players perform physical exercises while wearing colorful bands: for example, Grant Williams can be seen doing squats. “Sweat is just your body crying, so let it out.” Maxi Kleber says. Before all the players invite the fans in the arena to make noise for the team.

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