Monty Williams ELOGATES Fontecchio and here’s what SURPRISED him about him

Monty Williams, coach of the Detroit Pistons, the team to which Simone Fontecchio was traded, talked about what surprised him to Simone Sandri of La Gazzetta dello Sport:

“I knew Fontecchio is someone who plays with great energy but I was surprised by his defensive attitude. In these days it happened that we entrusted him with complicated markings, complicated good ones, but he never backed down and always performed very well. What’s more, I am convinced that he will continue to improve in this respect as well!”, Detroit Pistons coach Monty Williams said about Simone Fontecchio.

The Motor City franchise coach also commented on his not-so-simple family situation, with his wife and daughter in Salt Lake City and him in Detroit:

“It’s not an easy situation for him, with his family in Utah, away from him, but he’s doing great and I respect him for how he’s working hard. He’s going to give us a lot between now and the end of the season and I’m glad he’s with us.”

Hopefully, these efforts by Simo will earn him a nice NBA contract next year.

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