Miles Bridges returns to Hornets after domestic violence case

Despite many protests, Miles Bridges will return to play in the NBA next season despite the domestic violence case he was involved in. A couple of years ago his ex-girlfriend had accused him of repeatedly beating her, including in front of their children, and denounced him. During the trial then Bridges had formally “accepted” the charges, in fact getting a discount on his sentence. Throughout the 2022-23 season, the player remained a free agent, as at the time the case broke out he was about to be released from his contract coming off a career-best season, with hopes of signing a big contract.

His plans went up in smoke, but not his NBA career, which is now about to resume after a year off. Miles Bridges signed $7.9 million qualifying offer from Charlotte Hornets. This means that the player will be unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2025: Bridges and the Hornets have in fact not reached an agreement on renewal. So in Bridges’ future is a season in Charlotte as a near-separate, destined to leave the franchise in a year and with the possibility of vetoing any trade involving him.

In the past few months, the NBA had handed down a 30-game disqualification to Bridges for the off-court events in which he was involved. However, the league had added that 20 of those 30 games would already have been considered served in light of the one-year absence, not officially due to some measure, but nonetheless imposed on Bridges for mainly image issues. The protests obviously will not subside: already in these hours there are many fans who have not taken well to the Hornets’ decision to reinstate in the team a player guilty of beating his girlfriend.

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In the last season before the charges, Miles Bridges had kept 20.2 points and 7.0 rebounds average.

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