Michael Jordan spoke about the similarity between him and Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards is one of the most admired players in the NBA, and many compare him to Michael Jordan.

After the mighty dunk last night against the Utah Jazz, comparisons between him and Michael Jordan are back in vogue. The issue had been raised as early as the past few months, and Edwards himself still said he was nowhere near MJ. But similarities in physique and athleticism lead to this juxtaposition. In addition, the U.S. public tends to want to find a new young face to identify with, as the future of the league appears to be in the hands of international stars once the big veterans are done.

Jordan himself, however, agreed with those who spoke of a similarity between the two. Fox Sports reporter Chris Broussard asked MJ himself what he thought of this comparison: “There are similarities.”, His Airness admitted. Then the reporter added, “Edwards will never be as great as him but the style is similar. And if Jordan himself says so, then it’s true.”

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